Lighting diffusers, Illuminated stretch ceilings

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Seaside Residential

Lighting diffusers, Illuminated stretch ceilings

It is impressive to be found by a team of openminded architects. Therefore our collaboration for this project is more like a brainstorming, giving the fact that the architects gave us a sketch of the ceilings and free hand to work and to execute the structures.

The project allows us to use the following materials: translucent stretch ceilings, a double layered system consisting of the translucent and transparent layer (the second one was used to prevent any dust to appear on the ceilings while time passed), LED 4500K System and aluminium coated profiles.

It was a blessing to work on this project!

  • Date : May, 2016
  • Type : Residential
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Constanta,RO