Rebranding with stretch ceilings

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RCS RDS stretch ceilings rebranding

Stretch ceilings and rebranding for a complex project!

Why use the stretch ceilings system in a rebranding project? Well, we might say that the scope is to create a statement concept design. For the project that is subject to this presentation, the cashier’s desk is a key element. In order to complete the project, we use translucent stretch ceiling and aluminium white profiles. The logistics of these projects are the most sensitive part of the ongoing execution. We always manage to deliver the works on time.

Since February 2014 we are part of over 290 stores across Romania and Hungary. The constructor gives us the measurements for each project. Every store has its own particularity and each ceiling is custom made especially for each space. It is important when you work for a major brand, to truly understand the need and to execute accordingly.

Therefore, we provide in a very prompt manner, maintenance. Most importantly all of our ceilings are high-quality. All used systems have CE marking and A+ certification.We constantly train our team in order to deliver perfect works.

We are very proud to be part of such a large scale rebranding project!