Stretch ceilings, Pools & Spas

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Stretch ceilings for Pools & Spas

Why use stretch ceilings for Pools & Spas?

Firstly, the ceilings create an amazing design. No matter the texture you choose it always looks mesmerising, therefore, you can choose from an entire range of textures and colours. The following textures are available: glossy, translucent, satin, metallic and mat. For this project, the architect was able to choose a translucent texture with RGBW system LED.

After a brief conversation with the architect and many sites meetings, we managed to sign the contract. It was a challenging project especially because of the LED system. The products were imported with the given specification: RGBW System, controlled by wall panel and also through a smartphone application.

Our main concern was to implement the HVAC elements in such manner that they will apparently be one with the ceiling.

Mission accomplished!

  • Date : February 2014
  • Type : Residential
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Bucharest, RO