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Personalised light diffusers with stretch ceilings

Searching for large light elements or personalised light diffusers for your space? We can help you! In our catalogue, you can find your desired project light.

Either is a small pendant light or a large dimension one, here you can find it.For this reason, the scale does not matter. The beauty of our fixtures is that you can scale them, no matter the shapes: square, rectangle, ellipse or atypical shapes.

How does it work?
There are two ways of deciding on a luminaire:

Basically choose one from our catalogue, with the specified Kelvin temperature and power.
Afterwards, you can start making a sketch, we can turn it into a project and then we will execute it, in compliance with your requests and legislative aspects.
Worried about the costs?
Let us keep the budget under control. Every technical solution or modification will be accompanied by cost breakdown. Another key point: we strongly believe that budget transparency works best in the execution of a project!

All stretch ceiling light diffusers are custom made. Therefore, we challenge ourselves to present the best technical solution.

Basically, for this types of light diffusers, we use three to five standard materials: aluminium (coated in RAL colour scheme of your chosen or nature), stretch ceiling system (CE certified), tensile fabric (CE certified), PVC, LED systems (RGB/ WW/W).

If you are going to use a stretch ceilings system light diffuser, you need to be sure there is the right key element in your projects. All lighting fixture we provide are personalised specifically for your needs.