Printed stretch ceilings system

Printed Stretch Ceilings System Have a moment and take a look at this fabulous project!

OPTIBLU printed stretch ceilings

Printed stretch ceilings system

What is a printed stretch ceiling?

Basically, every stretch ceiling can be personalised by printing. Choose a photo from an image bank or just give us one of your own. We can print any dimensions, therefore the size of the fabric is not a problem. Firstly you provide us with the concept of the projects.

We can manage all technicall aspects of image implementation. Our technicians might ask you to provide images accordingly to your project’s allignment (landscape/ portrait). It is mandatory that the image is at least 300 DPI.

About the project.

For this printed stretch ceiling projects we used translucent texture. The main reason for that is, that the architect wanted  to create a large light diffuser. By printing the image of the eye, the main element of rebranding is in place.