translucent stretch ceiling

stretch fabric

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BREEAM Office Building

Translucent stretch ceiling

Surface installed: approx. 1000 sq.m

Material: Translucent stretch ceiling/Aluminium profiles

The theme of the project was to install stretch ceilings system in the areas of circulation (floors 1-11) and entrance area; also, the installation of stretched walls, having elements of projection into the stretch fabric.

Stretch ceilings system for walls

This project is extremely complex, therefore it started with a thorough analysis. After receiving the drawings we had to deliver the best technical solutions. Most importantly the main scope was to keep the budget under control. Firstly we had to provide a mock-up sample of the translucent stretch ceiling. The purpose of this action is to ensure that the solution is best suitable in order to execute the project. The distance between the layer of the stretch ceiling and actual gypsum board ceiling is 20cm.The LED strips are 20 cm apart.For the ceilings and walls were purposed to use SMD LED system of 4500K and for the walls, there were used LED modules 360degrees, RGBW.

The translucent stretch fabric diffusers were installed on a metallic frame fixed on the soffit. Therefore the support is rigid, as requested.