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We are the team that provides you with the best quality of your stretch ceilings projects. Our specialists  have different backgrounds ( architects/ engineers, site project managers, and international certified installation technicians)


The team delivers the best solutions for the execution of works. As a result, best suitable items are provided for all parties involved: architect, construction company, and the final beneficiary. Our team continuously trains to provide design concepts and results for technical challenges.

No matter the size or complexity of your projects, our technicians, install the stretch ceiling system, in compliance with the recommendations. Therefore, we always make sure that the standards of quality are accordingly to requests. All things considered, our team promises that the works are always timely completed.

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”If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur!”


The experience of our management team is for more than 10 years. The team’s main purpose is to ensure all the European quality standards. Also, to strategically impose, all necessary items to keep the company growing to the top level.


The technical team is formed from highly skilled engineers, architects and technicians. Most of our collegues are internationally trained and always on to search for improvement of technical solutions and to implement  innovative ideas.


A company is as good as the sales department! Another key point: here you can find dedicated sales agents that will find the best solutions for your project. Your financial enquiry will always be delivered in maximum 24 h from the moment we have all the details needed.


The main concern of the department is to ensure that all agreements shall be according with all guidance on state’s legislation. Also, the members of the department always control the documents regarding the quality of imports and local acquisitions.test



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Dear client,

Either you have a small or large project, we are the team for you! Currently, we work on a regular basis with companies from Hungary and Romania.Our clients are fully satisfied with our works because we excel in what we do! Our interest is the same for every type of project, regardless the size or complexity!

Dedicated team

Because our customers are important, we have an entire team at your disposal.A project starts with an enquiry, a financial/ technical offer is given, we meet on site in order to ensure that all supplied data are correct and the technical advice given is the best solution.Site supervision is mandatory, and we will gladly be present at each minute site.

Request recommandation

At your request, we can supply letters of recommendation from our clients. Therefore they can confirm the quality of the works, technical details supplied by our team, the way we conduct site supervision in our works, and also, maybe one of the important issues, post-execution follow up, maintenance and service.All is done in given time!

that we provide


Stretch Ceilings System . LED System .  Onsite Supervision . Photorealistic CGIs

Stretch ceiling system Designed for you!

Our team will gladly help you with the project details execution if needed. If you do not have an architect or engineer working on your project, we will provide you with all necessary services, in order for the project execution to go smoothly.

What is a stretch ceiling?

A suspended stretch ceiling is manufactured by welding the perimeter of lightweight stretch fabric to the harpoon (clipping element). Given space, the aluminium profiles will be installed on the perimeter of the coverage area. Therefore please keep in mind that the technical solutions are particularised for each space.


This system is manufactured in such manner that your imagination should be your only limit! We deliver all textures and colours:

  • Translucent (backlit LED)
  • Print (images from our bank or yours!)
  • Matt (perfect replacement for classical gypsum board system)
  • Satin
  • MEDproof (mainly recommended in “white chamber” hospitals, food industry, etc..)
  • Lacquered (high glossy ceilings, to turn the optics in a small height room )
  • NEW! Two layered 3D effect system

  • ask for more

Spaces where to install?

Mainly in interior spaces, with few exceptions. Most importantly, you can integrate the stretch ceiling system into all type of architectural programmes, like residential, leisure spaces, office, commercial etc.. Not to mention that you can use it both in the classical and modern approach of interior design.

Quality and Safety

Giving the fact that we work with multi-brand stretch ceilings systems allows us to deliver high-quality standards, in compliance with the requests of your projects.

Equally important, in the manner of the safety of our products, we can assure you we use only A+ /CE marked products.

Fire rating: B S1 d0/ B S2 d0 depending on textures.

Find out more about Quality and Safety of our products!

Our technical department is here for you, in order to sustain all your requirements. Throughout the execution of the projects, our engineers and architects will supply best suited technical details, to ensure the flawless execution of works.

Stretch Ceilings LED

Suspended stretch ceilings systems

SAVN.UK always tries to provide projects with the quality that is needed. If you are not sure about the design solution you choose, our design department is able to supply CGIs. This is in order for you to make an idea of what it would look like. Don’t you have an architect? Do not worry, we have a team of architects at your disposal. Just give us a call or email and you can establish a meeting with one of our technical sales agent!

Light diffuser Personalised for you!

Searching for large light elements or personalised light in your space? We can help you! Additionally you can use our catalogue and you can find your desired project light.

Either is a small pendant light or a large dimension one, here you can find it. For this reason, the scale does not matter. Because the beauty of our fixtures is that you can scale them, no matter the shapes: square, rectangle, ellipse or atypical shapes.

How does it work?

There are two ways of deciding on a light diffuser:

  • Basically choose one from our catalogue, with the specified Kelvin temperature and power.
  • Afterwards, you can start making a sketch, we can turn it into a project and then we will execute it, in compliance with your requests and legislative aspects.

Worried about the costs?

Let us keep the budget under control. Every technical solution or modification will be accompanied by cost breakdown. Another key point: we strongly believe that budget transparency works best in the execution of a project!

All stretch ceiling light diffuser are custom made. Therefore, we challenge ourselves to present the best technical solution.

Basically, for this types of light diffuser, we use three to five standard materials.We use aluminium (coated in RAL colour scheme of your chosen or nature), stretch ceiling system (CE certified), tensile fabric (CE certified), PVC, LED systems (RGB/ WW/W).

Lighting diffusers, Illuminated stretch ceilings

We started creating personalised light diffuser because of the many requests from beautiful minds!

Don’t you just love when you arrive in a place, either for accommodation or just a dinner with your loved ones and you just feel a connection to space, the pleasure that you get when looking at something beautiful? Nevertheless, the same feeling may be provided by you, in your project, in order for the client to get that connection: people & architectural space by the installation of our stretch ceiling light diffuser.

C.G.I Realistic visualisations for your projects

Our C.G.I. artists are here to lift the weight off your shoulders by helping you to present photorealistic images of your projects, to your clients, without spending your precious time to make them.

By externalizing the visual elements, you will gain more time to focus on the concept idea of your spaces or products. Afterwards, you will be able to work without the burden of actually spending time on many programmes.

How does it work?

Basically, you can send us the project with essential guidelines, in order to assign an artist to you. With this in mind, it is most important to say that our colleagues work on a single project and single client at a time, so the main focus is only on your project, not at any other tasks. Feel free to modify! We can keep up with you!


Definitely! As we work on your CGIs, you are able to give your resources a new direction. Most importantly, meet with a new client or site supervision on contracted projects. You decide!


Together we decide the deadline for each project. Because we realize how important is for you to deliver your visualizations on time!

Product CGI 3

Animated product CGI

Yes! We definitely are able to supply C.G.I.s on different scales of complexity.Either we are talking about  architecture, interior design or product design our artists are communicative and openminded to all your suggestions until they here from you: “this is perfect”

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